Independent Candidate, Evan McMullin Signals Plans for a Coming Big Reveal

Is long-shot Independent candidate, Evan McMullin about to make a major announcement?

He’s hinting that yes, he is.


So the VP candidate will be a woman.

There will be much speculation about who that woman is, but it will have to be a fairly big name to generate the kind of attention his campaign would need, in order to gain any sort of firm political ground in the last few weeks leading to election day.

Most voters who loathe having to choose between Trump and Clinton, or who may have been turned off by Johnson’s somewhat unserious behavior have turned to McMullin as a last ditch effort to place their vote somewhere they feel will allow them to still look at themselves in the mirror the next day.

For this announcement to carry any real weight, whoever he chooses will have to have some level of executive experience, in order to offset what some see as a lack of experience on McMullin’s part.

There’s also the matter of ballot access.

To date, McMullin is on the ballot in 34 states. From his campaign site, those states include:

  • Alabama (Write-In)
  • Alaska (Write-in)
  • Arizona (Write-in)
  • Arkansas (Ballot)
  • Colorado (Ballot)
  • Delaware (Write-In)
  • Georgia (Write-In)
  • Idaho (Ballot)
  • Illinois (Write-In)
  • Iowa (Ballot)
  • Kentucky (Ballot)
  • Louisiana (Ballot)
  • Maine (Write-In)
  • Maryland (Write-In)
  • Massachusetts (Write-In)
  • Michigan (Write-In)
  • Minnesota (Ballot)
  • Montana (Write-in)
  • Nebraska (Write-in)
  • New Hampshire (Write-In)
  • New Jersey (Write-In)
  • New Mexico (Ballot)
  • Ohio (Write-In)
  • Oregon (Write-In)
  • Pennsylvania (Write-In)
  • Rhode Island (Write-In)
  • South Carolina (Ballot)
  • Tennessee (Write-in)
  • Texas (Write-In)
  • Utah (Ballot)
  • Vermont (Write-In)
  • Virginia (Ballot)
  • West Virginia (Write-in)
  • Wisconsin (Write-in)


McMullin is a former CIA operative, and is a former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference.

He has an impressive resume of foreign policy experience, which already puts him far ahead of Trump.

We’ll see if his coming announcement provides the national boost he needs.


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