Senator Jeff Sessions Promotes Trump's "Self-Deportation" Immigration Plan

Senator Jeff Sessions really has beclowned himself on every level. This is a seasoned, elected official, playing toady to an unhinged carnival barker.

Earlier today, he touted the “fairness” of Trump’s immigration plan, insisting that there would be no deportation force, but that those here illegally would be required to “self-deport.”


Because that’s going to happen.

“You go to your home country and then you apply and then you come back in with legal status,” Sessions said Wednesday on CNN. “You basically have a self-deport.”

So, touchback amnesty?

The very genesis of Trump’s campaign is based on the demonization of “other” and how tough he would be on border security and those who have disrespected the laws of a sovereign nation, by entering illegally.

Trump and his alt-right warriors have long pushed the false narrative of rounding up “other” on cattle cars and taking them to the south side of that fantasy wall he keeps promising.

The subject of a deportation force under Trump was broached last night in the VP debate, between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.

Presented with criticism of Trump’s immigration position on Tuesday, Gov. Mike Pence said it was “nonsense” that the Republican nominee supported the use of a deportation force.

“We have a deportation force. It’s called Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” Pence said.

For those who felt Pence didn’t do enough to defend Trump, I would counter that this was an example of Pence doing just that, to the best of his ability. Deny and move on.

In more recent weeks, however, Trump has backed off of some of his toughest rhetoric on immigration, and focused more on building the wall and deporting immigrants who commit crimes while here.


Senator Sessions has his talking points in order, and hopes that tough talk now on deporting just the criminal element of illegal immigrants, while allowing others to “self-deport” will be enough to keep the base on board.

“We’re going to end the illegality,” the Alabama senator said Wednesday. “We’re going to assure the American people that the criminals in this country will be deported.”

“The key thing is, you cannot ask the American people to provide any kind of amnesty until you’ve assured them that the illegality is done,” he added.

This is basically a bait-and-switch scam on those who pushed Trump through the primaries.

The rest of us knew his tough talk on immigration was just that – talk.

And he’s got people like Jeff Sessions backing his play, but in the end, it’s still amnesty that he’s selling.


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