Trump Surrogate Chris Christie Amazingly Refers to Trump as "Well Prepared" For Last Week's Debate

The spin from Trump’s surrogates following his abysmal debate performance has been dizzying.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest Trump lackey to take to the airwaves, in hopes of mitigating the fallout from last week’s debate.


On Fox News Sunday, Christie mocked the reports that Trump was unfocused during debate prep sessions that were characterized as crowded and scattered by unnamed sources. When asked by host Chris Wallace if Trump plans to hold mock debates before the second debate, Christie scoffed.

“Donald Trump prepared well for his debate last time and he will decide how he prepares for the next debate,” he said.

In other words, no one has any control over the candidate, in regards to giving counsel. He is a loose cannon, and there’s no way to keep him on point or get him to take the campaign seriously. This is all about him.

Got it.

Trump has maintained that he was victorious in the debate, tweeting Saturday that all analysis stating Clinton won was just spin from a biased media.

Except she won.

She was plastic, horrendously over-rehearsed, and is possibly, next to Trump, the most unlikeable person in the country, but at least she didn’t come across as a lunatic, and for most part, she stayed on message.

Christie went on to suggest that all the tales of Trump’s inability to focus and Roger Ailes’ drifting into musings over his own messed up life, were based on lies.


“None of those seven unnamed people were in the room during debate prep, and they speak, much of the time, because they’re jealous they weren’t in the room,” he said.

Well, he can’t really know that, can he?

The sources were unnamed, so he doesn’t know who was there or what their internal monologue, upon watching how Trump “prepared” may have been.

I’ll put this out there, just for the sake of argument: Let’s say Trump was as well-prepared for the first debate as Governor Christie is insisting. Let’s say that he’s right and every word of the report that claimed Trump did not prepare for the first debate is, as he says, a lie.

If we take all of that as truth, shouldn’t Team Trump be absolutely horrified, at this point? If he was well-prepared and did that horribly, then this is already over.


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