Hannity's Trump Town Hall Tonight on African-American Concerns Lacks Something Vital

While Sean Hannity sets up his time slot on Fox News for another round of crotch sniffing, he’s billing it as a Trump town hall to discuss “African-American concerns.”


More specifically, a report from The Hill this week referred to Fox News’ description of the event:

The network indicates the event will specifically “discuss the core issues and concerns surrounding African-Americans this 2016 election cycle.”

No doubt, there will be an avalanche of fluffy, adoring campaigning, thinly veiled as commentary on the issues of the day.

Trump will look concerned. He’ll say nothing that makes sense. Hannity will look on, in dazed adoration.

And the venue full of concerned African-American citizens will finally hear straight talk about those issues that directly affect them.

Or not.

At the early taping of the show, at the New Spirit Revival Center, a wide shot of the crowd tells an interesting tale.

Again, this has been billed as a town hall to discuss African-American concerns.

New Spirit Revival Center was founded by Reverend Darrell Scott, an outspoken Trump supporter. Tonight, he apparently is also standing in as the black representative for Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


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