Trump Prepares for the Upcoming First Debate by Twitter-Mocking Hillary

And this is why people with IQs above room temperature have a problem with Donald Trump as nominee.

On Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to act like a scorned 14-year old girl, again.

The tweets were pointless attacks, that had no substance or purpose, other than to highlight the fact that the man is an ass.


Trump’s critical comments come shortly after Clinton warned voters during a radio interview with Steve Harvey, “The next 50 days will determine the next 50 years.”

Clinton also previewed what she expects from Trump in Monday’s presidential debate in New York, telling Harvey she will do her “very best to communicate as clearly and fearlessly as I can in the face of the insults and the attacks and the bullying and bigotry that we’ve seen coming from my opponent.”

“You know, I can take it, Steve. I can take that kind of stuff,” she added. “I’ve been at this and, you know, I understand it’s a contact sport.”

And this is a reasonable behavior, which is unfortunate, when you consider that she’s absolutely wrong on every crucial issue our nation is faced with.

For as horrible, corrupt, and otherwise detestable as she is, she can maintain something resembling sane composure for longer than a day, and that is what will come back to bite Trump during next Monday’s first debate.

Trump has already signaled that the debates will be “rigged” against him, and otherwise “unfair.”

By “rigged” and “unfair,” he means they might ask questions of him, with the expectation of answers. Maybe somebody in his inner circle should confiscate his phone and insist he do something really outrageous – like, prepare for an actual debate.

“Crooked Hillary has been fighting ISIS, or whatever she has been doing, for years,” he said. “Now she has new ideas. It is time for change.”

It’s definitely time for a change. Whoever gets it in November, we’re doomed.

Going from bad to worse is still change, right?

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