Trump Makes the Right Call About the Chelsea Bombing and Still Looks Like a Jerk

Donald Trump is apparently running for a new title – Captain Obvious.

Although he was panned by the media for calling Saturday night’s blast in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan a “bombing,” we can chalk that up to politics. There probably weren’t many who thought it was anything other than some sort of explosive device.


Hillary Clinton made a similar remark, shortly after, but not as much attention was paid to her comments.

Are the media protecting her? Of course they are. The media in this nation is largely left-leaning and this is nothing new. For decades now, any candidate with a “D” after his or her name has gotten a pass on far more egregious errors than this.

Trump is such a gaffe-goldmine, however. He is the dream target of liberal media, everywhere, having become the embodiment of every caricature Democrats have crafted over the years.

On his daily check-in with his official campaign site (the other side of corrupt media), Trump gave himself his usual pat on the back.

“If you saw her in the back of the plane — and she used the word ‘bombs’ also, by the way. I heard — I didn’t see it — but I heard I was criticized for calling it correctly,” Trump told “Fox and Friends” in a telephone interview. “But what I said was exactly correct. I should be a newscaster because I called it before the news.”

Trump claimed “everybody” says that he was right but “called it too soon.” “OK, give me a break,” he continued. “But Hillary Clinton used the word ‘bombs’ shortly thereafter and nobody said anything about it. And somebody said some of them edit that word out. They took it out. Hey, folks, it’s a rigged system.”


Perhaps someone should tell King Cretin that bragging about his “rightness” in this situation is the last thing he should be doing. In a situation like this, maybe showing concern for those injured, speaking with some depth of concern and knowledge about how to proceed with officials in finding the perpetrator, etc. would be more beneficial to everybody involved.

Trump is continuously handed things on a silver platter, and still finds a way to be so obnoxious and arrogant, that any momentum to be gained is lost, and any opportunity to appear presidential is blown.

But then, that’s what a leader would do. That wouldn’t be Trump.


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