Daddy Trump Ups the Creep Factor on Dr. Oz Show

No, not creepy, at all!

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you’re part of some incestuous cult, you’ve had the opportunity to see this appalling bit of parenting done wrong, and have retched up bile in response.

Yes. You heard exactly what you thought you heard – Donald Trump suggest that he doesn’t look at his daughter and see his baby girl. He looks at his daughter and sees a potential girlfriend.

If only…

Now, I’m willing to bend to a certain extent, and allow for the possibility of maybe he misspoke, but he seems intent on making that possibility nil.

This is the same “father” who replied, when asked what he and his very influential Democrat daughter had in common, “sex.”

It wasn’t their love of fine art. It wasn’t music. It wasn’t even the business. The thing he has most in common with his child is sex. Even if he meant that as a joke, was that appropriate?


Then there’s the latest uncomfortable twist.

While appearing with his oldest daughter, Ivanka, and the apparent object of his most ardent fatherly “affections” on Dr. Oz’s medical reality show, Ivanka Trump gave a kiss to both the host and her father.

Under normal circumstances, with normal people, that wouldn’t be a big deal.

These aren’t normal people. This is the Trump Traveling Freak Show.

Audience members zoned in on a particularly curious exchange.

Read that again. Slowly. Let it simmer in your brain pan.

Then be really, really creeped out.

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