WATCH: Rick Perry's "Dancing with the Stars" Debut Was a Bit of Fun

You guys knew I was going to have to write this piece.

Former Texas governor and two-time presidential candidate, Rick Perry, made his dance debut on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” last night.


It wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t great, but given that the man openly confesses to never having danced, other than at his four inaugural balls as governor, I’d say he over-performed.

Of course, we can expect an onslaught of liberal memes, as is their habit when any conservative politician puts him or herself out there in the realm of human, but it’s best to ignore them.

I always do.

The judges weren’t exactly impressed with the hard work Perry put into learning his performance. He got 20 points out of 40.

Whatever. Am I biased?

Sure! I’m not one to hide my admiration for Governor Perry. The man was an amazing governor and a conservative icon.

That being said, it’s worth it to note that he’s putting himself through this for several reasons: to prepare for his daughter, Sydney’s October wedding, and to gain a new platform to talk about veterans’ issues.

Hopefully, he got enough votes to make it through next week’s eliminations. I want him to be able to highlight the issues for the vets.

I also want him to have fun, and his less than graceful first dance aside, he seemed to be doing just that.

That matters.


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