How Sick is Hillary Clinton?

Well, is he worried more about his wife, or is he worried more about her shot at the White House?

It’s hard to say, considering former President Bill Clinton’s philandering ways, and the belief by some that the arrangement between he and Hillary is nothing more than one of political convenience. I won’t speculate, at this point.


Edward Klein, the author of several books on the Clinton family, is telling that after Mrs. Clinton’s September 11 episode, that things between she and her husband became quite heated.

Hillary Rodham Clinton refused her husband’s demand that she go to the hospital for a checkup following her fall Sunday due to pneumonia, according to biographer Edward Klein, the author of several books critical of the Clintons.

“Bill was insisting that she go to the hospital. They had a knock down, dragout fight about this, even with her pneumonia, because she refused. It was her decision not to go, because she was afraid that if she went to the hospital it would make it look like she was even sicker and it would hurt her campaign even more. So it was her decision not to do that,” said Klein.

Of Klein’s books on the Clintons, he’s remarked before about her health, but the Clintons and those around them have blown him off as a mere conspiracy theorist.

Klein purports to use family and friends as sources, frequently, and this latest reveal is from a friend of the family for the past three decades.


“Her people,” said Klein, a former New York Times editor, “have been calling people like me conspiracy theorists because for the last two years of more I’ve been reporting that Bill Clinton’s greatest fear is that Hillary will collapse in public and reveal that she is not fit for the commander-in-chief role, and Sunday that’s exactly what happened.”

Klein went on to say that Hillary Clinton has been struck with several illnesses, other than pneumonia, and that, according to his source, falls are not an infrequent thing.

There’s at least some proof of that, as there are multiple videos and pictures of Clinton stumbling or being helped up by others around her.

It was Bill Clinton who finally convinced Hillary to travel with a doctor, said Klein. “They had a big fight about, as they often do, but Bill is the one who insisted more than a year or so ago that she travel with a full time physician to keep an eye on her because he was afraid that this exact thing would happen, that she would stumble, fall, collapse in public and that it would be a massive black mark on her campaign.”


And while at least a half dozen of her senior staff have fallen ill with pneumonia, as well (including campaign manager, Robby Mook), the question lingers as to if this is all a cover for some more serious condition?

If there is a chance that she has a more serious, underlying condition, the sincere hope is that there is somebody around her that cares enough and has influence enough to convince her to get proper care.

That being said, I doubt her personal ambitions would allow her to stop her charge to ultimate power, even at the risk of her own well-being.


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