Senator Marco Rubio Demands Answers on Obama's Iran Ransom Payment

Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. listens on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 28, 2016, as Special Presidential Envoy Brett McGurk, the U.S. representative to the anti-Islamic State coalition, testified before the committee. (AP Photo/Lauren Victoria Burke)

Florida Senator Marco Rubio didn’t let a disappointing loss in his presidential primary run keep him from pressing hard into his duties as senator, upon his return.


Senator Rubio has gone after the Obama administration, in regards to the $400 million ransom payment to Iran in January 2016, that was meant to secure the release of four Americans. He insists such actions further embolden our enemies and endanger American lives abroad.

Obama had insisted that the payment was to settle an arms deal debt owed to Iran since the Carter administration. We now know that, like so much else to come from this administration, was a lie.

Senator Rubio is looking for answers.

“Each day brings new revelations about your Administration’s efforts to deceive Congress and the American people regarding payments of billions of dollars to the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” Rubio wrote. “The American people do not believe the story that your Administration did not provide Iran an illicit and potentially illegal ransom payment.”

The senator also pointed out that paying ransom goes against the very rules set by the Obama administration, as it pertains to paying for the freedom of hostages and negotiating with terrorists.

While Iran pocketed the money, Rubio said, Terhan has continued to hold and take more Americans hostage. He also warned that the money could be used to fund its military and Iran’s terrorist proxies in the Middle East.


It was State Department spokesman, John Kirby who spilled the proverbial beans about the Obama administration using the money as leverage to have the hostages released.

In other words – Obama lied.

When it was reported in September that the U.S. transferred another $1.3 billion in cash after the first payment Republican lawmakers jumped into action to block in the future what they say are ransom payments. Republican lawmakers in the House and Senate are preparing legislation to prevent similar payments. Rubio is a co-sponsor of Senate bill.

These are the kinds of things that need to happen. Obama will be attempting to squeeze in every corrupt or damaging twist he can before he’s shown the door and told to kick rocks in January 2017. His time is short.

Our representatives in Washington need to keep the heat on him every minute of the day. Maybe then we’ll be spared the worst of his last minute despotism.

You can read Senator Rubio’s letter here.


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