Why Has Hillary Clinton Avoided Press Conferences for the Last 250 Days?

Interesting that the FBI decided to make all this new and damning evidence about Hillary Clinton’s [either] incompetence or corruption available to the public at the onset of a long holiday weekend.


It’s not like everybody is distracted with lives or anything, to the point where they won’t have a moment to stop and really delve into the gutter that is Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.

Sarcasm mode: Off.

There may be a reason Hillary Clinton has gone 250 days with no press conference.

One reason, certainly, is that Donald Trump is such a train wreck, that the need for speaking to the press is almost completely rendered pointless. No matter what her policies, Trump is incapable of expressing a coherent (or sane) position. She need only allow him to destroy himself in soundbites. In fact, there’s nothing she could say about him that would be more damaging than what he says on his own.

On the other hand, however, for those who don’t have plans for this Labor Day weekend and who have been following the news, they’re getting a picture of a Democrat nominee who violated every trust put in her as Secretary of State.

Somewhere in her mind, she came out better by playing the dumb and addled old woman than if she let the facts speak for themselves, thereby proving her completely corrupt.

And the Federal Bureau of Investigation, led by Director James Comey, let her get away with it.

Now, however, she may have to answer some questions. She’s being called to give a press conference, and those in her circle are hoping that she does.

Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden made the remark during an interview with MSNBC’s Kate Snow.

“It’s simple. Yes or no, will [Clinton] have a press conference?” Snow asked.

“You know, I hope she has a press conference soon,” Tanden replied. “She’s obviously going to be on the plane with the press … starting on Monday she travels with the press.”


Up to this point, Clinton has forbidden the press to ride with her on her trips by air.

“Beginning on Monday — with just 64 days left until the election — the Democratic presidential nominee will replace her small, private jet with a significantly larger aircraft that she will not only share with her campaign staff, but with Secret Service staffers and reporters too,”ABC News reported, citing a campaign aide.

She has had interviews, but each one have been those soft-ball set ups, where she chooses the venue, she chooses the personality who will be interviewing her, and the questions are pre-approved.

Hardly transparency. Or journalism.

For a leftist media and a liberal candidate, this isn’t a surprise. An actual press conference, however, may be a better opportunity to put Clinton under a spotlight.



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