Trump Announces Trip to Mexico - Social Media Hilarity Ensues

Social media. It’s either the best place on Earth or the worst.

Case in point would be some of the giggle-snort inducing tweets released today, after the announcement that Donald Trump would be visiting Mexico.


Yahoo News mentions:

Peña Nieto had invited both Trump and Hillary Clinton to Mexico for a visit. Trump announced Tuesday night that he would meet with Nieto in Mexico before attending a rally in Arizona where he will lay out a new immigration platform.

Peña Nieto later tweeted that he believes in dialogue in order to “promote the interests of Mexico in the world and, principally, to protect Mexicans wherever they are.”

The reactions on Twitter were immediate and awesome.


It will be interesting to hear how both sides frame the content of the meeting. I have a strong suspicion that no matter what is said while they’re together, it will filter through Trump’s brain and out his mouth as something completely whack.

This Twitter user may have nailed the entire situation most perfectly:



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