BREAKING: U.S. High Court Sides With Social Justice Warriors, Will Not Reinstate Voter ID Law in NC

In what is a clear slap in the face to the rule of law, and fair, untainted voting practices, the U.S. Supreme Court has stood by the liberal, activist judges of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which struck down voter ID laws in the state of North Carolina.

The decision — a victory for voting rights groups and President Barack Obama’s Justice Department — means voters won’t have to show one of several qualifying photo IDs when casting ballots in the presidential battleground state. Early voting also reverts to 17 days, to begin Oct. 20.

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down several parts of the law last month, saying they were approved by Republican legislators with intentional bias against black voters in mind. Lawyers for McCrory and the state officials — some hired by GOP legislative leaders who championed the 2013 law — disagreed with the 4th Circuit ruling and wanted a delay while they draft an appeal on legal arguments they want the Supreme Court to consider.

Keep that in mind – this is a victory for Obama’s Department of (social) Justice. It is, however, a damaging blow against the integrity of the American electoral process, in a season when the American system of government is already desperately beaten down.

The 4th Circuit court played carnival mind readers, by assuming intentional bias, when there is nothing attached to the law that would suggest anything of that manner.

This was a clear effort on the courts’ part to assure a Democrat victory in a battleground state.

THAT is intent.

The voting adjustments could benefit Democrats in the November election, since registered Democrats historically have favored using early voting. Evidence presented during the trial over the 2013 law says black residents disproportionately lack photo ID required by North Carolina’s mandate. Black voters traditionally have voted overwhelmingly Democratic in North Carolina.

For the record, the state of North Carolina was offering free ID to anyone who lacked the appropriate ID, in order to assure that none were caught lacking, who might otherwise have a concern.

McCrory and Republican legislative leaders have said voter ID is a commonsense requirement to increase the integrity of elections. They pointed out black voter turnout increased in 2014. Appeals court judges said the state provided no evidence of the kind of in-person voter fraud the ID mandate would address.

A trial court judge in April had upheld the 2013 law, but the 4th Circuit panel wrote he seemed “to have missed the forest in carefully surveying the many trees” by failing to recognize a link between race and politics in North Carolina.

It’s always so interesting how Democrats will use minorities to flag wave and make the case for pet causes that benefit the Democrat power base, but when it comes to the actual governing, minorities, and in particular, black Americans, are largely forgotten, once they vote Democrats into leadership.

Am I mad?

You bet I am.

North Carolina has an amazing governor in Pat McCrory. America’s current president and everyone involved with his God-forsaken administration sucks, however, and our nation was made far worse for the mistakes made in 2008 and 2012.

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