So Glenn Beck Interviewed Constitution Party Candidate, Darrell Castle (Video/Audio)

I’ve got to give Glenn Beck props for the service he’s offering to the American people.

While the leftist media can’t be torn away from the train wreck that is the race between Hillary Clinton and her friend, Donald Trump, and Fox News pay homage at the altar of Trump all day, every day, Beck is taking a different route.


Glenn Beck is using his radio program as a forum to allow Americans to hear the other options they have in this long, dirty campaign season.

I’ve had several offerings that highlighted the Constitution Party’s candidate, Darrell Castle. The last was an interview that I felt yielded some very substantial answers.

Earlier this week, Beck interviewed Castle, as part of his ongoing efforts to expose the lesser known candidates to the public.

Beck and his crew hit on quite a few relevant issues, from the “birther” issue that seems to keep so many people twisted up, to border security and closing Guantanamo Bay.

I found his answer on immigration interesting.

Think: “self-deportation.”

Returning to the gold standard?

I’m listening…

It was a solid look into Castle’s positions on issues that matter.

It’s about 15 minutes and well worth a break in your Saturday to hear him out.


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