Trump Supporters Spit, Writhe, and Equivocate Over His Immigration Flip-Flop

I need to open this piece with a hearty – LOL!!

Turmoil and the complete devastation of those who put their trust in and efforts behind the Trump train is the very least they deserve.

Earlier this week, Trump signaled that his stance on immigration has softened, while appearing on a special town hall segment of Sean Hannity’s Fox News program.

This is a complete about-face from his months-long tirade against immigrants. Where his entire campaign has been anchored by the fear and anger towards those who have broken our nation’s laws to be here, now he has lifted that anchor and set off into the vast seas of amnesty.

The reaction by the Trump faithful has been mixed.

Sean Hannity, of course, remains dutifully worshipful of Trump. Expected, considering his position on the Trump train was never so much about sound policy and the good of the nation as it was about remaining Trump’s best boy.

Senator Jeff Sessions, who first took his place under the wheels of the Trump train early in Trump’s candidacy had this to offer:

“Oh, yeah, I can be supportive of that,” Sessions said. “But you have to be careful because you’ve got to have the rule of law … Look I think that’s some of the things that he just mentioned. He’s not announced what he’s going to do. And I’m giving you some of my opinions about how I think we ought to approach this serious problem of re-establishing the lawful system of immigration.”

Nice bit of fence-walking, Senator. You penned Trump’s first position on immigration, and now he’s basically set a match to your efforts.

On the other side, the executive director of Federation for American Immigration Reform, Bob Dane had a warning for Trump.

And Bob… he doesn’t care. He’s trying to get votes:

“If Trump is noodling around exceptions or conditions that allow some or many to stay, he should know that any and all variations of requirements that might bestow work permits or citizenship to those who violate our laws constitutes amnesty,” Dane told the Washington Examiner in a statement. “Voters know that the problem with amnesty is that it rewards illegal behavior … It also sends the message that the punishment for entering our country illegally varies according to the political whims of the moment rather than the permanency of our INA (Immigration and Nationality Act) laws.”

Oh, he’s noodling, Bob. He’s definitely noodling.

Honestly, however, anyone who has paid attention to Trump from the beginning shouldn’t be in shock over this change of heart. There are very few positions that he has planted his feet firmly on and refused to be moved.

As former President Jimmy Carter said, he’s “malleable.”

The loathsome Ann Coulter, stressing over her new book, “In Trump We Trust” describes her reaction as “unnerved.” The reason being: it may undercut her book sales.

Again… one more Trumpidian that cares nothing about the overall well-being of our nation.

Coulter mused that it may be in our “best interest” to allow some who are here illegally to stay.

Quite a turnaround for the woman that said this a year ago:

By the way, that’s the Sessions paper that he has now torched.

Finally, Mark Krikorian, the executive director for the Center for Immigration Studies, has ripped up his ticket for the Trump train.

“Those are terms of art in the pro-amnesty, Gang of Eight crowd. Every politician pushing an amnesty says ‘this version isn’t really an amnesty because fill in the blank,'” Krikorian said, declaring Trump the “unofficial ninth member of the Gang of Eight.”

“What he just did was make clear that even on his central issue, which is the only reason he’s the nominee … was immigration, and he now has shown that he can’t be relied on, even on that,” Krikorian said, who had previously considered himself a reluctant Trump supporter — until now.

“I’m done with Trump at this point,” he said.

Somewhere, Senator Marco Rubio is waiting for an apology.

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