How Much Money Does Donald Trump Owe China?

He’s so rich. He’s a successful businessman. He can’t be bought.

He can be indebted to foreign investors, however.

The Washington Examiner is reporting that Trump owes money – a lot of money – to some sources that aren’t exactly in line with his campaign rhetoric.


The New York Times published on Saturday a detailed analysis of Donald Trump’s business dealings and found that his real estate holdings are racked in debt and he owes money to some organizations he has consistently criticized on the campaign trail.

The report into the “financial maze” of Trump’s business dealings found that companies he owns have accrued $650 million in debt.

Trump’s federal financial disclosure form that he’d released earlier in the campaign fell slightly under half of that amount, by claiming a debt of $315 million. That would be the usual Trump, however, as he lies his way through the campaign, creating an illusion of who he is and his success, rather than giving the real story.

According to the Times, a building on the Avenue of the Americas in New York City’s Manhattan borough that is partially owned by Trump has a loan of $950 million that was paid for by a few different entities, including the Bank of China and Goldman Sachs.


Maybe that’s where all the animosity he seems to have towards China comes from – they own him.

Trump continues to refuse to release his tax returns. His excuse always falls back to his being audited.

Smart money bets that it’s probably closer to the truth that he’s afraid of what will be revealed about him by those returns. He’s hiding something.

For now, however, it suffices to say that he’s not the savvy businessman his cultists have painted him to be, and that, perhaps, there are some financial connections he’d rather keep under wraps.



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