New Hack Attack: Democrats Get Hit Again

They did it again.

Yesterday, I told you about the rather toothless hit on Republicans by the same hacker (or hackers), Guccifer 2.0, that hit the Democrats before their convention.

Now it seems that they’re taking another swipe at the Democrats.

A hacker posted cellphone numbers and other personal information of nearly 200 current and former congressional Democrats on Friday, the latest public disclosure of sensitive records this election season.

The hacker, or group of hackers, going by the name “Guccifer 2.0” said the records were stolen as part of a breach of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. A number of files were posted onto Guccifer 2.0’s website, including a spreadsheet that has information for 193 people, such as phone numbers and email addresses. The cellphone numbers of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California and Democratic WhipSteny Hoyer of Maryland were among the information posted.

Not all the information is current, apparently. One email address was no longer active, but the fact that they have this information and are putting it public is of great concern.

The posting of the cellphone numbers and personal email addresses of members of Congress has national security implications. Included in the spreadsheet were the personal information of members of the House Intelligence, Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees. Foreign spies could use that information to try to intercept sensitive communications.

A number of U.S. intelligence officials believe the most likely culprit for stealing the DCCC data, as well as a large batch of records from the Democratic National Committee, are hackers backed by the Russian government. At least one cybersecurity company has said there appear to be links between the Russians and the entity identifying itself as Guccifer 2.0, although the hacker has denied being connected to Moscow.

It’s an interesting contrast between what has been hacked and revealed from the Democrats and what has been hacked and revealed from the Republicans.

Some earlier murmurings were that the Russian government is trying to influence the outcome of the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, knowing that a Trump administration would be more amenable to Russia’s ambitions in the Ukraine and beyond.

Trump didn’t help ease those suspicions with his remark about having the Russians “find” Clinton’s missing emails.

Now we wait to see if the Republicans are hit again, next.

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