Trump Signals His Post-Election Rejection of the Republican Party

Donald Trump is signaling that he’ll go back to his old ways, once the election is over.

By “old ways” I mean he’ll be back to rubbing elbows with and funding Democrats. You can expect him to be the guest of honor at Hillary’s inauguration.

In a story with the New York Post this morning:

Trump issued the warning on Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” in response to a question about Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus reportedly threatening to pull back party funds and reallocate them to other races.

“He just put out a press release. And he just put out a tweet it’s untrue,” Trump said.

He added: “And I mean, if it is true, that’s ok, too. Because all I have to do is stop funding the Republican Party.”

Trump and the RNC agreed to raise funds to benefit Trump’s campaign, as well as down ballot races through the election, back in May. That agreement resulted in about an $80 million haul in July. Approximately $64 million of that came from the RNC’s efforts.

Trump said he’d be able to determine the day after Election Day whether the Republican Party was sufficiently helpful.

“I will let you know on the ninth, on November 9th … when we find out whether or not that is all good,” Trump told guest host Eric Bolling.

The only ones who will be shocked when Trump goes back to the Democrat party on November 9th are the ones who cut off family and friends for him, who revealed the true nastiness of their character, their lack of faith, and their utter ignorance of the political system by backing this ridiculous fraud.

Those of us who tried to warn you all won’t be shocked. We’ll just continue mourning for our country.

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