SEE HERE: CNN Commentator and Trump Critic Receives Vile (and Barely Literate) Death Threat

When you have a platform of the magnitude that Donald Trump has, you have to know that you are going to attract attention. What kind of attention, however, depends on what you put out there.

In the case of Trump, he attracts the lowest, most wretched forms of life.

When you open your mouth and the equivalent of raw sewage and rotting flesh escapes, you shouldn’t expect much better.

Tara Setmayer, a CNN commentator and vocal Trump critic, recently drew the ire of one of Trump’s more eloquent supporters.

Yes, that was a death threat, because having a difference of opinion is worth threatening somebody’s life.

This incident isn’t isolated to just Setmayer.

Trump has made uncivil, hateful behavior to be acceptable. He is the equivalent of the de-evolution of society.

He is a disgrace, and his supporters are very likely insane.

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