Another GOP Representative Jumps Ship for a Third Party Option

One more Republican leader is speaking up against the party’s new face.

Virginia Representative Scott Rigell is jumping the sinking GOP ship and putting his support behind one of the third party options.


Rigell, a Republican who is retiring from Congress at the end of his term, said in an interview with the New York Times that he will be voting for Gary Johnson, the candidate for the Libertarian Party. He is one of a handful of Republican members of Congress to vote against their party’s nominee.

“I’ve always said I will not vote for Donald Trump and I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” Rigell told the New York Times. “I’m going to vote for the Libertarian candidate.”

Rigell joins a growing cast of party leaders who just can’t bring themselves to vote for the liberal with an “R” after his name.

Others like New York Rep. Richard Hanna has vowed to vote for Hillary. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinge, who hasn’t voiced a candidate, has also declared he could not vote for Trump.

Rigell also said many Republican candidates have asked him for advice and he expects more GOP congress members and local Republican officials to possibly not vote for Trump as Election Day nears.

Though Rigell said he still considers himself a Republican, he said he would become an independent if the Republican Party became synonymous with Trump’s ideas beyond the election.

That seems to be the sentiment of many within the party, whether they are openly revealing it, or not.

This is how a party dies, and I can’t even mourn its passing, at this point.


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