Whispers of Suicidal Trump Staff Will Be Your Dark Humor Moment of the Day

We told you so.

Well, specifically, I told you so. I’m just going to claim credit for all of this, because, well, this is the season of Trump and it’s the Trump way.

It’s not like Trump’s behavior suddenly took a turn for the worse. He’s been an unmitigated nightmare from the moment he mimicked an episode of “The Simpsons” and rode his gilded escalator down to a crowd of paid adoring supporters, to announce his candidacy.

His entire existence in this race has been for the purpose of caricature. When the Clinton crime family backers of Trump put together his campaign, they had no idea it would get this far. Of that, I’m convinced.

The shocking part is the sheer volume of dimwitted voters willing to tune in to this reality TV skit and to give it ratings high enough to put this con artist over the top.

Equally shocking are those seasoned party professionals and men of honor who have been willing to put everything on the line, out of some well-meaning, yet, misguided notion of party loyalty being tantamount to saving the conservative movement, thereby saving the nation.

(I’m looking directly at you, Governor Perry. You broke my heart.)

Maybe they think the system will right itself?

That’s a lot of hope to be hung on a serial philanderer, swindler, hustler, and all around disreputable guy.

Now, as if to put an exclamation point on the already horrendous week of missteps, miscommunications, and bumbling incompetence from the GOP’s Clown Prince, reports are seeping out of just how bad the turmoil within Team Trump is.

CNBC’s John Harwood is reporting today:

I exchanged messages Tuesday evening with a longtime ally of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, whom I asked about who was calling the shots in the campaign. The response indicated that Manafort, a veteran of Republican politics brought in this spring for the transition from primaries to the general election, has lost control over his candidate.

“Manafort not challenging (Trump) anymore,” Manafort’s ally wrote. “Mailing it in. Staff suicidal.”

I want to laugh… then I remember this is who the GOP wants to be the new face of the Republican party: An undisciplined, sociopathic, New York liberal charlatan.

Of course, these reports are disputed by others in Trump’s camp.

Campaign spokesman, Jason Miller immediately attacked Harwood as “biased” and “liberal.”

He’s right. Most mainstream media are unabashedly left-leaning. That being said, that Harwood is getting one report from someone else inside the campaign, only to have it quickly blown off by another shows that there is some disconnect between those on the inside, that likely speaks to some larger problem within the ranks.

Strains between candidates and their staffs are commonplace in stressful moments of presidential campaigns. But Trump’s campaign is unusual for the candidate’s singular control over its daily message, which thwarts attempts at traditional discipline.

I’ve said it before, so let me say it once more, for emphasis: You’re not going to shine this turd, GOP.

There will be no honor in going down with this sinking ship, because you were warned. The rats that are currently bailing over the side now are the smart ones.

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