Trump Calls Christians to Come Bow Before Their Idol

He’s got great religion. The best religion. People say all the time… listen… frankly, he’s a religion machine.

The Cheeto-devil continues to mock his way through the evangelical vote.

While speaking in Roanoke, Virginia today, Donald Trump added insult to the steamer trunk full of injury he’s already amassed. You can add this to the references to “Two Corinthians” and his claim to not need God, due to his lack of sin.

This is the man marginal Christians are flocking to; An authoritarian who trashed all things faith-related at the GOP convention, in order to court Socialists, speaks of himself in third person, like some third world despot, and who obviously uses religion as a hook, and not a lifestyle.

This election gets more and more depressing, each day.
Maybe some of those money-unto-me preachers who support this clown could explain the difference between religion and relationship to the guy, while they’re waiting for their checks to clear.

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