Judeo-Christian Values Shelved On Night Two of the Convention, as Muslim Leader Invokes Name of Muhammed in Closing Prayer (Video)

I need to apologize to a lot of people, right now.

I’ve had Christians screaming at me about their support of Trump, how I’m somehow going against God’s will by opposing him. Some have called him “God’s man, Trump.” He did have a photo op with a lot of televangelists surrounding him, after all.

He even had a Bible in his hand (although, on second thought, it may have been a checkbook).

I’m sorry. I let the semantics trip me up.

He may very well be “God’s man,” but God, apart from Jesus Christ, becomes a generic term. While we know there are many who are called gods, Christians have always believed in the triune God – God, the Father, God, the Son (Jesus Christ, the embodiment of God sent to save us), and God, the Holy Spirit.

Christians worship Jehovah God. In Islam, Muhammed is the prophet, and their god is Allah (which translated to English, means “God”). Muslims are quick to point out that Allah has no son, so we know Jehovah and Allah are not the same.

So on day one of the fiasco in Cleveland, Trump had a pastor give a prayer that was borderline blasphemous to the name of Christ.

On day two, the founder of Muslims for Trump, Sajid Tarar, gave a prayer to a generic god, then invoked the name of Muhammed over the proceedings, while scores of deluded convention attendees bowed their heads, some with lifted hands, and later cheered.

How inclusive! How tolerant!

Wasn’t Trump going to make it safe for Christians, again? Wasn’t he going to return us to our roots and “Make America great again”? Do you think his connection with a Muslim group that is willing to show up for him at the convention will put him in a position where he is obligated, when it comes to Muslim immigration?

Time will tell, but to all those marginal Christians that keep insisting Trump is “God’s man,” I apologize. You never specified which god, so you could very well be right.