Veep Nominee Pence Evolves On Muslim Immigration Issue

It seems Mike Pence is learning the Trump Shuffle, as part of his veep duties.

Pence, who sorta endorsed Senator Ted Cruz during the primaries, spoke in December on the record about his opposition to Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.

So, very much opposed to Trump, right?

Fast forward to the present day, when there’s a #2 slot on the ticket and increased publicity – all very timely, as Pence was struggling to maintain his gubernatorial seat – and he’s had a change of heart.

“I am very supportive of Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend immigration from countries where terrorists’ influence and impact represents a threat to the United States,” Pence said.

“I’ve never hesitated to take issue with fellow Republicans, I don’t think things came out quite right or how I would’ve done it. But I want folks to know I strongly agree with Donald Trump’s call. We’ve got to do something different.”

The pliable Pence explained the apparent discrepancies in what he said in December to what he’s saying now by calling it a “miscommunication.” He further went on to suggest that after talking with Trump, he came to see the light.

It’s amazing how the priorities and principles of some politicians can be adjusted to fit the current political climate.