Obama Administration Dusts Off Their Election Season Narrative On Terrorism

In today’s episode of kabuki theater…

The Obama administration is sending out the clowns to hit the morning TV circuit, in order to explain how ISIS and terrorism, in general, has once again been defeated by the capable, bold calculations of Democrat leadership.

Days after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claimed responsibility for the deadliest terrorist bombing to hit war-weary Iraq in nearly a decade and recent attacks have jolted Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia, Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken on Tuesday claimed that it is more evidence the terror network is on the run.

“Territory matters a great deal,” Blinken told CNN’s “New Day,” explaining the group’s territorial holdings in Iraq and Syria as an attractive pull, along with control of oil and other resources. “If you take that away from them, if you take the foundation away, the whole edifice starts to crumble. And that’s why we see them lashing out in different places.”

This latest show of “success” saw over 200 lives lost in Baghdad. Nobody wants to dwell on what failure would look like to the Obama administration.

“They’re reverting back to a different model of terrorism, which were these indiscriminate terror attacks — suicide bombers, IEDs in cars, et cetera, and it does terrific damage and it terrorizes people, but the more you take this territory away from them, the more you take their story away from them, the less attractive they become to people around the world,” Blinken said. “We’re seeing the number of foreign fighters go down, we’re seeing them cut their salaries in half to the people they’re paying. We’re seeing that attraction that they had because they controlled territory start to erode.”

Blinken goes on to note that the online presence of ISIS isn’t what it used to be, either. Apparently, they’re not getting as many friend requests on Facebook as they used to get.

He continues to explain how a coalition of governments were aiding in the process of weakening the ISIS terror network.

“We’re seeing countries arrest people, bring them to justice, prosecute them. That too is starting to take away the networks that ISIL developed,” Blinken said. “So it’s the core in Iraq and Syria, it’s these networks of foreign fighters and propaganda and foreign financing and propaganda and then it’s the affiliates, the groups in different countries like Bangladesh that are suddenly the ISIS flag because they think it’s successful and popular. So they’re adopting it. These are usually preexisting groups that have been there for some time. We’re trying to take all of that away, systematically cutting it off, a coalition of 66 countries every day working on this.”

It’s good news, if true, but I can’t help but think of the last time the Obama administration dislocated their shoulder by patting themselves on the back, in regards to terrorism on the run. Then, as now, it was during the heat of an election season, and four Americans died in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.