Speculation Around the Trump Veepstakes Intensifies

Speculation into who the poor slob will be that’s forced to try and keep Donald Trump’s campaign alive is popping today.

An early morning tweet by Trump suggests that Iowa Senator Joni Ernst has made it onto the short list. If true, she’ll be joining Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who endorsed Ted Cruz during the primaries, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

From CNN.com:

Donald Trump announced he would meet with Sen. Joni Ernst on Monday, one of several recent names dropped on his Twitter feed that are fueling speculation over his highly-anticipated vice presidential selection.

Ernst’s name appeared in reports on VP shortlists over the weekend, and a senior Trump adviser confirmed to CNN that Ernst is being considered.

There is no word on whether Ernst is interested in being saddled with the responsibility of apologizing and basically being the scapegoat for Trump’s campaign, so far. She supported Senator Marco Rubio through the primaries.

Trump has also taken to his favorite venue – Twitter – to heap praise on Pence and Cotton, in recent days. He tweeted out his praise of Cotton’s appearance on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

To Trump, he’ll take even the most lukewarm mention of his name as high praise. His ego won’t let him hear anything less.

In the interview on NBC, Cotton discussed his support for Trump, but when asked to explain why he should be president, the Arkansas senator said only that “Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself.” Pressed on why his support seemed less than full-throated, the hawkish Arkansas freshman jokingly offered that “maybe I just don’t demonstrate enthusiasm much in life, especially in such dangerous times as these.”

Senator Cotton’s mom must have given him the same advice my mom gave me: If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say anything at all.