Petulant Democrats Release Their Own Version of a Benghazi Report

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the deadly September attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Because they’ve been so forthcoming for the last four years.

Democrats on Monday pre-empted the upcoming release of a Republican-led House Select Committee report on Benghazi by issuing their own version of a probe into the 2012 terror attack that killed four Americans on Hillary Clinton’s watch as secretary of state.

The move by Democrats on the panel was designed to debunk the conclusions of the committee’s majority report that is expected to be highly critical of Clinton.


It’s that “their own version” that should really stand out to people.

As is to be expected, the latest Democrat fable was filled with partisan snipes, designed to demean and belittle the serious work of getting to the bottom of what happened at an American consulate in Benghazi, Libya four years ago.

“We have been hampered in our work by the ongoing Republican obsession with conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality,” said the Democratic report, which underscored the fierce political divisions between Republicans and Democrats over the attack on a U.S. consular post and a CIA annex in the Libyan port city. “Rather than reject these conspiracy theories in the absence of evidence — or in the face of hard facts — Select Committee Republicans embraced them and turned them into a political crusade.”

“We hope our report will put to rest the conspiracy theories about Benghazi once and for all and return the focus to where it belongs—on the goal of improving the security of Americans serving abroad,” the report continued.

This reads less like a serious report and more like a sophomoric attempt at one-upmanship. It is detestable and beneath the dignity of the office of those who took part in putting this forth. It’s also a very blatant attempt to absolve Hillary Clinton, then the Secretary of State, of any culpability in the happenings of that night, citing that she “never personally” denied any of the requests for extra security.


No, she didn’t deny. She just ignored. Totally different, right?

“Decades in the future, historians will look back on this investigation as a case study in how not to conduct a credible investigation,” the Democratic members wrote. “They will showcase the proliferation of Republican abuses as a chief example of what happens when politicians are allowed to use unlimited taxpayer dollars — and the formidable power of Congress — to attack their political foes.”

My first suggestion about how to conduct a credible investigation: Don’t let any Democrats be a part of it.

“Congress should not establish or use future investigative select committees or panels for political purposes including to impact elections or to raise campaign funds,” the report said.

Said the crew that recently feasted off of the corpses of 49 dead Americans in Orlando, Florida, by staging a “sit in,” disrespecting the House, while sending out multiple fund raising ads.


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