Latest Polling Out of Reliably Red Arizona Puts GOP On Shaky Ground

Want to know how bad things are looking for Republicans in November?

A new poll shows Hillary Clinton running ahead of Donald Trump in Arizona, where a Democratic presidential candidate has carried the state only once in the last 64 years.

A survey by Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights found Clinton taking 46.5 percent support over Trump at 42.2 percent.

About 6 percent of respondents said they would vote for an unspecified third-party candidate, while 5.6 percent said they’re undecided.

Bill Clinton took Arizona – barely – in 1996, while running against Bob Dole, and with Ross Perot splitting the vote running with the Reform Party. Before Clinton, Harry Truman was the last Democrat to take Arizona in 1948.

“It’s shocking to think that a Democratic presidential candidate would carry Arizona if the election were held today, considering that every statewide office in Arizona is held by a Republican as well as significant majorities in the Arizona House and Senate,” Wes Gullett, a partner at OH Predictive Insights, told the Phoenix Business Journal. “Arizona should be a reliable red state.”

If an otherwise reliably red state can be threatened this early out, and the GOP nominee is too distracted with his other business to adequately prepare and campaign, what do you think the polls are going to look like by November?