As Hillary Continues to Rise, Trump Counters By Not Campaigning

The polls were kind to Donald Trump during the primaries, and he was quick to let everyone know in every interview, at every psychotic Branch Trumpidian cult gathering, and beyond. Just as his pal Bill Clinton did while in office, Trump lived by the polls.


With that in mind, one has to wonder how he’s feeling about the latest polls.

An overwhelming majority of registered voters think Hillary Clinton will win the presidency in November, according to a new SurveyMonkey Election Tracking poll.

Fifty-six percent of voters think Clinton is most likely to win the presidency, the highest percentage since the poll launched in December. Just 38 percent of respondents think Donald Trump will win, which is down 7 percentage points since last month.

The expected bump for Trump’s numbers that some pundits expected to come after the Orlando mass shooting did not materialize, and Trump continues to trail Hillary, 48% to 42%, nationally.

The nation is about five months out from the general election. There is still time for the tide to turn in Trump’s favor, if he knuckles down, applies himself, and really starts to take this campaign seriously.

After all, his campaign is near-broke. His organization is in shambles, as he hemorrhages staff. There is an active movement to have him ousted as nominee at the convention. This is definitely time to shift into full beast mode campaigning.

Or he could just be Trump and compound the suspicions of those who feel this is one, massive publicity stunt, by taking off on a non-campaign related business trip overseas.


From the New York Times:

But, for reasons that emphasize just how unusual a candidate he is, Donald J. Trump is leaving the campaign trail on Thursday to travel to Scotland to promote a golf course his company purchased on the country’s southwestern coast.

Normally when presidential contenders travel abroad, they do so to burnish their foreign policy credentials, cramming their schedules with high-level meetings with foreign dignitaries and opining on the pressing international issues of the day.

But, to a large extent, Mr. Trump’s business interests still drive his behavior, and his schedule. He has planned two days in Scotland, with no meetings with government or political leaders scheduled.

And despite the fact that Mr. Trump touches down in Britain the day after its “Brexit” vote on whether to leave the European Union, his itinerary — a helicopter landing at his luxury resort, a ceremonial ribbon cutting and family photo, and a news conference — reads like a public relations junket crossed with a golf vacation.

I remember Trump answering the question of his business involvement from a debate during the primary season. He declared that he would leave the running of his empire in the capable hands of his children, but apparently, like so much that surrounds Trump, that was just another bold-faced lie.


The whispers coming from those surrounding him is that they wished he wouldn’t take this trip and that he’s been advised not to go. However, Trump’s priorities will always be about whatever is going to personally benefit Trump the most, and the presidency may not be it, in his estimation.

So much for those vain hopes that at some point, he would become a serious candidate and would listen to sound counsel.

Anyone following the nightmare of Trump’s rise from beginning to end, even if they weren’t convinced at the start, at some point, that light has to go on and they will be forced to admit that the GOP has been conned.

Well played, Clintons. Well played.


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