Trump's History of Holding Out on Charities Goes Back to the 80s

Well, this is becoming common, isn’t it?

The stories of GOP nominee Trump making promises to charities and then breaking them go back quite a stretch.

Take for instance his claims in 1989 that he would be donating the proceeds from his board game, “Trump: The Game” to various charities. He later stated that he’d donated $1 million to charity, as promised.

Oddly, nobody has record of it or can substantiate it, in any way.

Sound familiar?

Newsmax reported:

When Trump first unveiled the game at Trump Towers in 1989, he announced that from his perspective, “all the profits we make will go toward charities,” with the main beneficiaries being group’s funding research into AIDS, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis.

The claim came as a shock to Milton Bradley officials at the event who did not know he would make such an announcement, according to Trump biographer Gwenda Blair, as he’d never discussed that option with the game company. . Eighteen months later, Trump said the game has sold more than 800,000 copies, and that he’d donated around $1 million to charities.

Milton Bradley had initially intended to put out 2 million copies of the game, but the sales were sluggish and disappointing, prompting them to stop production.

Now the question becomes one of how many more lies will he tell, how much money has he pledged to charities and failed to produce, and how much more of this will it take before his loyal cult realizes they helped screw the nation?

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