Female Staffers for Team Trump Paid Less Than Their Male Colleagues

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump answers questions during a news conference in New York, Tuesday, May 31, 2016. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Because Trump loves women. Trump is going to do so well with the women voters. Yuuuuge numbers of women will vote for Trump.

Or something.

In an analysis done by the Boston Globe of both the Trump and the Clinton campaign, it appears there are some discrepancies regarding the pay of staffers with Team Trump.


“The women who work for Trump — who account for about 28 percent of his total staff — made an average of about $4,500 in April, according to the Globe analysis. The men made nearly $6,100, or about 35 percent more. The disparity is slightly greater than the gender pay gap nationally.

Of the 15 highest-paid employees for that month, only two were women.”

When Trump is already under water with the all-important female voting bloc (approximately 7 in 10 disapprove), this is probably not the sort of practice he should have attached to his name.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s campaign pays her staff on what is basically an equal level. Men still make slightly more ($3,760 to $3,710 for women), but women hold some of the higher positions within the team.

In the war of optics, Trump loses across the board, and often.

“The campaign’s lack of gender and ethnic diversity could reinforce the perception, often created by Trump’s own disparaging observations, that he treats women differently than men. For Republicans who have sought to improve their standing among women and minorities, there is concern that he could set them back.

‘If anything, Trump is an aberration even inside the Republican world,’ said Kevin Madden, a longtime Republican consultant and presidential campaign veteran. ‘And for Republicans who have done such a good job putting women in positions of power, the Trump campaign is not a reflection of that.’”


It may be because Trump is a Republican in name, only, and has very little resemblance to the platform and principles the Republican party used to represent.

But then, that’s just this woman’s opinion.


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