PATHETIC. Fox News Further Clown Themselves Into Irrelevancy


I really don’t know if I should laugh or cry, right now.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Roger Ailes and Fox News stepped in last summer to serve as the official “unofficial” campaign headquarters of the Trump campaign.


Through manufactured tiffs between Trump and Megyn Kelly to openly hostile attacks against Trump’s opponents, Fox News has been more “bought and paid for” than “fair and balanced.”

That may be why their ratings fell.

No matter what he did during the primary race, Fox gave the gilded toad unfettered access to spout his nonsense, day or night. They have proven to be little more than a 24/7 Trump infomercial, with smatterings of journalism in between.

It’s not that Fox News are the only cable news network to give excessive coverage to the unqualified buffoon. They’re just the only network to do this:

I’ll confess, I did not watch it. I would not watch it. In fact, I honestly believe it would be physically impossible for me to sit down and watch it. Just knowing it exists is enough to throw my world into spiraling fits of madness.


In fairness, Fox have reportedly offered to air similar specials for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but smart money says that Greta Van Susteren would be asking them tougher questions than, “Toilet paper… Should it hang over or under the roll?”

This is the kind of propaganda you expect to see in North Korea or Venezuela.

Great job, Fox News. That deafening, sucking noise you hear is the last shreds of credibility and dignity you had flushing into the sewer.


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