NYC: The Baskin-Robbins of Gender

Can we all agree that liberalism deserves its own listing in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-V?

For those not familiar with the term, DSM-V is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fifth edition). It is used by mental health professionals to classify mental health disorders in the United States.

Liberalism should qualify.

Liberal bastion, New York City, is reaching for new heights of mental dysfunction, blurring every conceivable line of biological certainty along the way, in pursuit of the social justice unicorn.

From the Daily Caller:

Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of which allow them to fluctuate between some version or combination of male or female identities.

Businesses that don’t respect and accommodate an individual’s chosen gender identity risk incurring six-figure fines under rules implemented by the city’s Commission on Human Rights.

It’s like NYC is the Baskin-Robbins of gender!

Believe me, I thought it was satire, myself. At least I did until I saw the absolutely insane listing of Gender Identity Expression from the NYC Commission on Human Rights.

I’m sure there are some completely lovely and rational people in New York City.

None of them have anything to do with this list.

Call me crass, rude, insensitive, or politically incorrect, but I laughed entirely too long and loud at this:

Courtesy 101:

  • If you don’t know what pronouns to use, ask. Be polite and respectful; if you use the

wrong pronoun, apologize and move on.

  • Respect the terminology a transgender person uses to describe their identity.
  • Don’t make assumptions about a transgender person’s sexual orientation.

This is where I say, “no.”

That New York City has made the choice to suspend anything resembling basic common sense and is forcing this delusion on all their citizens, even the sane ones, is all the reason in the world for productive and sound minded individuals to bail that sinking ship of cultural Marxism.

If you’ve read the listing of imaginary gender identities but are left scratching your head, here’s a primer:

Someone who identifies as “genderqueer,” for example, is a “person whose gender identity is neither man nor woman, is between or beyond genders, or is some combination of genders.”

A “gender bender” is someone “who bends, changes, mixes, or combines society’s gender conventions by expressing elements of masculinity and femininity together.”

Similarly, someone who is “gender fluid” is a person “whose gender identification and presentation shifts, whether within or outside of societal, gender-based expectations.”

If someone self-identifies as “androgynous,” it means they are “appearing and/or identifying as neither man nor woman, presenting a gender either mixed or neutral.”

“Two spirit” individuals are Native Americans “who have attributes of both men and women, have distinct gender and social roles in their tribes, and are often involved with mystical rituals (shamans).”

If someone is “pangender,” their “gender identity is comprised of all or many gender expressions.”

Am I laughing too hard, again?

For citizens of that vast well of northeastern idiocy, it’s not as funny. They could potentially face fines for accidentally calling someone who “identifies” as a gay, amphibious fire engine “he.”

Now would be a good time for any reasonable people left in NYC to seriously consider if what has become of the Big Apple still resembles a world they want to live in.

I hear the climate in North Carolina is quite agreeable.

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