Large Portion of Polled Voters Uncomfortable With a President Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Eugene, Ore., Friday, May 6, 2016. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

In a new NBC News/WSJ poll, a considerable percentage of Americans polled are concerned with Donald Trump’s inexperience in government, as it relates to his ability to handle the job of POTUS.


Asked in the new survey about Trump’s experience, only five percent of registered voters said they were enthusiastic about his unconventional professional history, while another 15 percent said they were comfortable with it.

But a combined 61 percent say they have reservations (19 percent) or are outright uncomfortable (42 percent) with Trump’s lack of experience in the kinds of positions traditionally held by American commanders-in-chief.

Less are concerned about the possibility of an actual Socialist, Bernie Sanders, becoming president, by about ten percent.


In fact, overall confidence in Trump is amazingly low, both on his own and compared to the Dem candidates.

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Those who expressed concern about Trump’s lack of military or government experience included 68 percent of women, 60 percent of independents, 78 percent of undecided voters and about a third of Republican primary voters.

Things don’t look much better when Trump is compared head-to-head with Hillary Clinton.

While he bested Clinton in vague areas like, changing business as usual in Washington (55% to 22%), standing up for America (46% to 32%), and dealing with Wall Street (48% to 27%), he fell behind in areas like dealing with immigration (42% to 45%), making appointments to SCOTUS (34% to 47%), and dealing with issues of concern to women (16% to 63%).

Considering the importance of the female voting bloc, his high unfavorable rating with women could very likely come back to haunt him in the general.