EDITORIAL: What Happened to the Evangelical Voters?

It is when people forget God that tyrants forge their chains.
Patrick Henry

Are we a nation so far gone that we have no more respect or room for our more virtuous nature?

Is God, country, and family a passé notion?

For years, I have championed the cause of conservatism, based on not just sound policy, but on the grounds of moral principle. I counted myself as a true Evangelical voter, because if it directly affected my life, my God was going to be a part of it. As citizens, what affects us more than our government?

That moral principle derives from my beliefs as a Christian, a born again believer that every word written in the Holy Bible was just, righteous, and the absolute true word of an omnipotent Creator.

That same true Word is the foundation of our nation and our laws.

Our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament, or the Christian religion. Noah Webster

So where were our Evangelical principles during this primary? When our nation could least afford to leave moral and just judgment out of our decision making process at the polls, those who identified as Evangelical voters rejected every Christian candidate available to us in favor of a man who not only is completely unqualified for the seat of the presidency, but who has publicly denied the need for God’s forgiveness, and is also an unrepentant adulterer. He operates gambling houses, is abusive in his speech and manner, has expressed support for abortion, spoke of his own daughters in sexual terms, and overall, has shown no fruit of a principled or moral life.

I’ve posed this question to those who I know define themselves as “Christian” because I sincerely want an answer. I know all people are fallible, but we should have been looking for a David, not an Ahab.

The most common answer I get is that we’re not electing a pastor, but a president.

That’s true, but as leaders are a direct reflection of those who vote them into power, when you look at 2008, 2012, and this season, what we see in that reflection should grieve us, if we truly seek to be seen as bearers of the Spirit of God.

Deuteronomy 1:13 AMP “Choose for yourselves wise, understanding, experienced, and respected men from your tribes, and I will appoint them as heads (leaders) over you.”

I have been shaken by the outcome of this primary season, as I know many others have. We’ve seen good men slandered and the discourse brought down to levels of nastiness that no civilized society should ever be comfortable with.

What is most striking is how it has taken on the air of the Roman coliseum, and candidate after candidate has been tossed to the lions, represented by a despicable, unprincipled man, except it is the Christians, not the Romans, in the stands cheering him on, as he ripped into one good man after another.

Just yesterday, I had one Trumpidian cultist tell me that if I didn’t support Trump, I was against God and country.

Within moments, I had a second sneering that Christians and God had no part in the party, anymore. It was Trump’s party, now, and he was going to make America great again.

Somehow, I don’t believe those two have met.

I also don’t believe a party or a nation that turns its back on God can exist on any level of greatness.

If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under. Ronald Reagan

Another assertion I hear from those who wave the banner of Christian, but want to justify their dalliance with their flesh, in supporting such a despicable man is that he could be our Cyrus.

Cyrus was a pagan king from the Old Testament (2 Chronicles and Ezra), who allowed the Hebrews to rebuild the temple, even giving them resources from his own wealth to do so. Though he was pagan, God still used him.

I get that desperate need to justify choosing such a man, but Cyrus was willing to be used, even if he didn’t worship the same God.

Trump calls himself “Christian,” while saying he’s never needed God’s forgiveness. He blasphemes the name of God by the mere suggestion. To call him a Cyrus is a stretch.

Is there hope that he can change?

Of course there is! As long as he’s breathing, there is hope. It’s that same hope we all have available to us, but the idea that Christians should abandon any desire to have a faith-filled representative lead this nation again, on the hope that the one they champion will have some conversion experience after he’s gained power is both vain and risky.

For all my harshness, I actually do pray for Donald Trump. I pray that he surrounds himself with the right people. By the right people, I don’t mean televangelist who are looking to build another wing onto their megachurches. I mean Christians with a passion for this nation and their fellow Americans. I mean Christians that will speak directly to him about his need for God’s forgiveness. And I pray that he hear them and seeks a relationship with Christ. He needs to know his true treasure is stored up in Heaven, not in Trump Tower.

If that doesn’t happen, I don’t know where we are as a nation. Either those who are identifying as Evangelicals when polled are lying, or Evangelicals need to get out from behind their church walls and reclaim their position on the stage of American politics, once again.


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