TX Rep. Louis Gohmert Wants to See a Cruz VP Pick

Texas Rep. Louis Gohmert would like to see a partnership between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz.

By partnership, he means he would really like to see Trump pull Cruz in as his running mate on the GOP ticket, and calls it “impeachment insurance” for the toad.


From the Washington Examiner:

“’A lot of people that hate Trump also hate Ted, because he was constantly standing up in the Senate against the establishment,’ Gohmert added. ‘The establishment would know that if they participated in the impeachment of a president Trump, they’d have Ted, and that would be even worse. So it might be good insurance to keep him from being kicked out as president. If you hate Trump, you’re really going to hate Ted.’”

Gohmert is normally a solid guy and a strong conservative voice, so I’m willing to give him a pass on what seems like a bizarre twist of reasoning, but the last word from Cruz was that he has no interest in serving as a buffer for Trump.

Gohmert has asked that Trump bury the hatchet and apologize for the litany of insults leveled against the senator during the race, in an effort to let bygones be bygones and move forward.

“While Gohmert said he could see the appeal of Trump’s personality, he hoped to see him make a greater commitment to supporting conservative policies. ‘In the earlier days of the campaign, I appreciated his political incorrectness, and his not being manipulated by the rules of political correctness. I think that’s why a lot of people were drawn to him,’ Gohmert said. However, he added, ‘Some of us need to be sure that Trump’s newfound positions on things are positions he’s going to hold.’”


That really is the great gamble with Trump. He has flipped his position on so many issues, there is no real way to determine when to take him at his word or when to write off what he says as mere political theater.

Gohmert gave a nod to an earlier release of the list of potential Supreme Court picks from Trump – a list crafted by the conservative Heritage Foundation – but as expected, he flipped, calling the list “just a suggestion.”

Had Trump at any time in this arduous and combative process shown any consistency in anything other than ignorance of policy and the ability to bring out the absolute worst nature in people, then perhaps some of us naysayers would be slightly more inclined to relax in our mission to sound the alarm. Since that hasn’t happened, it shouldn’t be expected of us to quiet down, now.

Trump has yet to announce a running mate, and likely will not until the convention. I’m going to go out on a limb, however, and make this prediction: He will not get the “impeachment insurance” Gohmert has suggested. Ted Cruz will not be his VP.



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