Trump Nixes Idea of Rubio VP Pick

If anyone was taking Trump surrogate, Dr. Ben Carson seriously, in regards to his mention of names from nominee Trump’s short list of running mates, then you’ve apparently not been paying attention.


Dr. Carson is who you go to when you have questions about the neurological function of the brain – not to find out what’s going on inside that vacuous space between Donald Trump’s ears.

Of the names Carson quoted last week, supposedly from the list of possible VP picks, one of those names was Senator Marco Rubio.

While Rubio would be a wise addition to any ticket, the last couple of weeks of his candidacy showed a chasm between he and Trump that would likely be quite difficult to bridge.

From CNN:

“’He’s the presumptive nominee at this point but he’d be best served by having someone, not just, by the way, a vice presidential nominee, but active surrogates who agree with him on his issues,’ Rubio told Tapper. ‘My differences with Donald, both my reservations about his campaign and my policy differences with him are well-documented.’”

In other words, Marco Rubio isn’t interested.

As for Trump, he tweeted out his own response to Dr. Carson’s reveal.

Carson needs to stop speaking out of turn. At this point, we can probably expect John Miller or John Barron to be Trump’s VP pick above anybody that would actually make sense.



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