Roger Stone: Trump's Fake Spokesman No Different Than the Founding Fathers

You don’t say?

Odious Trump hitman, Roger Stone, is coming clean with what everybody already knew, anyway.

Donald Trump’s odd and deceptive behavior didn’t just start when he decided to masquerade as a Republican and run for the presidency. Back in 1991, in an interview with People magazine, it was alleged that Trump posed as his own spokesman, under the name of “John Miller.”


From the Washington Examiner:

Roger Stone, a former Trump political hand, said in an interview Saturday that Trump posed as his own spokesperson, but subsequently downplayed it, comparing it to the Founding Fathers using pseudonyms to get their message out without talking themselves.

That’s right. Stone says Trump pretending to be a non-existent person while in an interview over the phone is exactly the same as what the Founding Fathers did.

The subject of John Miller was posed by a reporter with the Washington Post on Friday, when after a 44-minute phone interview, he was asked if he’d ever had a man by the name of John Miller in his employ.

The question obviously caught Trump off guard. According to the reporters working on the interview, Trump hung up and they were unable to get him back on the line.

Said Stone:

“’They focus on whether or not Donald Trump may or may not have posed as a public relations man in order to get his spin and his side of the story,’ Stone said. ‘This is ridiculous. James Madison, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton — they all wrote under pseudonyms. They all had things they wanted to say, and they wrote under pseudonyms.’

‘Trump wanted to get his spin and his side of the story, so he handled the press call himself — probably because he didn’t want to pay a public relations expert,’ Stone continued. “’What difference does it make?’”


It speaks to stability and character, Mr. Stone

Then again, for those paying attention, we already know all we need to know about Trump’s character.

And just a reminder: This isn’t Trump’s only Sybil moment. There’s also the bizarre tale of “John Barron,” who acted as the spokesman for Trump in the 80s.

Perhaps Stone has the inside track on who will serve as Trump’s make-believe spokesman in the 2000s?




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