Trump: Everything I Said - "Just a Suggestion"

Call it the ultimate in flip-flops.

On his daily call into his campaign headquarters (Fox News), the Orange One gave what was probably his most accurate policy statement, yet:


“Yeah. It was a suggestion. Look, anything I say right now, I’m not the president,” Trump said. “Everything is a suggestion, no matter what you say, it’s a suggestion.”

Let that sink in, a bit.

Ban on Muslims? Just a suggestion.

Build a wall? Just a suggestion.

Make America great again? Just a suggestion.

For months, while the faithful Branch Trumpidians have drooled and given glassy-eyed allegiance to every word, he was just making suggestions.

Perhaps that is why having a candidate willing to put forth an actual plan is important. Suggestions are what you do in the privacy of advisory meetings, long before you announce your candidacy. By the time you take the platform and announce that you will be running for the most important office in the land, maybe you should have all the details worked out with some clarity.


Trump did go on to mention his plans for former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani:

“’I have spoken to Rudy Giuliani. We’re going to put together a group,’ he said. ‘We’re going to look at the problem. We’re going to study the problem. It’s a temporary ban. I feel very strongly that we have to find out what the problem is. When you look at San Bernardino, when you look at Paris, when you look at all of these horrible, horrible acts of hatred, this is pure hatred. We have to find out and get to the bottom of the problem before we can solve it.’”

Most of us know what the problem is, but keep looking, Donnie.



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