A Proposal for Bathroom Warriors of the Left

In the past week, we’ve seen the federal government threaten the state of North Carolina with a lawsuit for non-compliance to a liberal agenda.

That agenda was first forced on the state of North Carolina by way of a Charlotte, NC city ordinance, that would have allowed for anyone, male or female, to go into whatever bathroom they felt like going into. It would have been a city-wide mandate and would have allowed for sexual predators to gain easier access to their victims, under the law, and would have gone into effect on April 1, 2016.


The Republican-led NC General Assembly called a special session and quickly passed House Bill 2, which would limit bathroom and shower room access to the gender an individual was born to – not “assigned,” little snowflakes – born.

The bill went to the desk of Governor Pat McCrory and was signed into law.

That’s when the fighting started.

The gay mafia is ever outrage-ready, like most leftwing professional victims, and leapt at the chance to make this about them. This was a chance to point at conservatives and cry out about their great oppression.

Then there’s the truth.

Governor McCrory encouraged businesses and the school systems to make arrangements for single-occupancy bathrooms, in order to accommodate those who suffer from Gender Dysphoria (the clinical name for the mental illness that makes .03% of the population believe they’re of a different sex than what they really are).

Whenever you hear of these cases, however, it’s never a school where 4 or 5 students are ravaged with mental illness and need to have special bathrooms to accommodate their dysfunction. It’s always one really messed up kid making the news.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, where the stolid Tapper tried to make the emotional case for some imaginary 12-year old transgender who would be effected by HB2, Governor McCrory made a solid point: He was worried about the safety and comfort of the other students, as well.



Imagine that. Somebody cares about your boring, mentally stable kids. The federal government certainly doesn’t.

With that in mind, I have a proposal for the gay mafia and all the social justice warriors out there. Maybe we can come to a happy medium.

Put your money where your mouth is.

If this is a cause you feel passionate about, open private schools for these future Psychology case studies. Let social justice meet the free market. If there really is a market there, you should be able to keep the lights on and these victims of bad parenting can get an education in an atmosphere where they are surrounded by others dealing with the same sensitive issues.

In 2015 the LGBT community began touting plans for that very thing in Atlanta, GA. The Pride School aims to attract ages 5- to 18-years old, and I’m sure registrations will go through the roof.

From Inquisitr.com:

Currently, Pride School is a “floating” institution out of the Unitarian Universalist of Atlanta church. It aims to become fully operational in September, 2016.

The school’s main goal is to provide “LGBTQQIAA students, families, and educators a safe, fun, and rigorous learning environment free of homophobia and transphobia.”

What that means is, there are 2 or 3 confused kids, with 3 or 4 equally confused adults hanging out in a very non-Christ-based liberal “church” and trolling for contributions of money or attention from leftwing attack groups.


In whatever way it is worked out, Governor McCrory hit on what should be the focus of everyone willing to look at this rationally. The rest of society need to be considered, as well.

Shame on the Obama administration and particularly on Loretta Lynch and the Department of Justice, for distorting and belittling all the blood that was spilled and the effort exerted to see equal rights gained for black Americans, by comparing that struggle to a fake cause being fought by cultural Marxists.

Kudos to Governor McCrory for planting his feet on the hill of common sense.


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