North Carolina Democrat Lawmakers Offer Counter to HB2 "Bathroom Bill."

Not to be outdone, and certainly to further push the issue, in order to make themselves appear the “tolerant” party, North Carolina Democrats have stepped forward and offered a counter to HB2, titled “Equality for All Act,” or HBDRH10522-MMa-153B.


No. That’s not a typo. Like Democrats, the name of the Democrat-offered bill is complicated and stupid.

The full text of the bill can be read here.

The new bill is sponsored by Guilford County Rep. Chris Sgro, who is also executive director of Equality North Carolina, a leftwing cabal of social justice warriors.

In a statement from

“Passing the Equality for All Act, along with the repeal of HB2, is essential to ensure the protection of all North Carolinians and restore North Carolina’s image,” Democratic House leaders said in a release. “This necessary law will protect LGBT and other North Carolinians from discrimination in all walks of life.”

Except it doesn’t ensure the protection of all North Carolinians, and those who want the image of North Carolina to be that of a hedonistic hellhole, where there is easier access to women and children for potential predators are not the kind of people any rational society should be seeking to attract.



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