#TrumpTrain vs #NeverTrump as Congress Reconvenes

It’s getting ugly out there.

As House Speaker, Paul Ryan has refused to go all in for Trump, Reps. Lynn Westmoreland (GA.) and Dennis Ross (FL.) have spoken up in defiance of Ryan’s stance.


 “I honestly don’t understand what Paul’s thinking — I don’t get it,” said Westmoreland, who is retiring after this year. “I try not to give advice to the speaker, but I think it just really brought about, in my opinion, even more confusion to this thing.”

“Trust me, I haven’t been on the Donald Trump bandwagon, but I will support him, and I disagree with Ryan’s comment,” Ross said. “I think it’s time we unite (and) … extend an olive branch and start working this out.”

The split will prove especially of interest when Congress reconvenes next week, after a recess. Who will align with Speaker Ryan and who will be of the mindset that “working it out for the good of the party” is the better route?

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will moderate a sit down meeting between Ryan and the gilded toad in Washington next week, to see if there can be any agreement struck for mutual agreement and unity.

It may prove a task outside of Priebus’ wheelhouse, however.

Trump, for instance, has pitched banning Muslims from the country — an idea Ryan says is the antithesis of America’s founding. Trump is anti-trade, while the speaker thinks free markets are simply good economics. And then there were those quips about Hispanics and his initial refusal to reject white supremacist David Duke’s support of his candidacy — which flew in the face of Ryan’s efforts to diversify the GOP base.

Pennsylvania Democrat Charlie Dent, who leads the moderate GOP Tuesday Group, said he’s all in favor of doing anything to change Trump’s positions. The speaker, Dent said, is trying to save the party — and as far as he’s concerned Trump still “has a great deal of work to do to convince the American people, myself included, that he’s able to lead this nation.”

“I thought that Paul Ryan struck the right tone and the right balance,” he said. “Paul had to step up and disassociate himself and distance himself from some of these comments. … We’re concerned [that] his comments are affecting our shot at the White House.”


With the down ballot at risk, expect to see many unusual alliances. Trump’s Coalition of the Angry and Stupid has already fractured the party and likely condemned the nation to certain ideological destruction.

God help us all.



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