Trump Spokeswoman: Clinton Not Fully Vetted

In a glaring show of hubris, Donald Trump’s ignominious spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, spoke with Tamron Hall on MSNBC this morning, suggesting that the Trump camp is thrilled to face off against Hillary Clinton in the general, because she has never been vetted.

Said Pierson:

“There’s an entire generation of voters out there that know nothing about Hillary Clinton other than what they have heard in the last two to three years,” Pierson said. “There is plenty of information that needs to be discussed on top of the Clinton Foundation, which has not been fully discussed in the media.”

I’m assuming that some of what will be discussed, on top of the Clinton Foundation, will be all of Trump’s contributions to the Clinton Crime Family.

That aside, the problem the gilded toad faces is that he has been vetted, for years in the public spotlight.

Misogyny, boorishness, and arrogant elitism do not make for an attractive candidate. Trump will find that those Democrats that voted for him in open primaries will not be so generous in a general election. Add those to the dedicated #NeverTrump masses and other principled conservatives who can’t see their way clear to vote for the not-so-much-lesser-of-two-evils.

The Clintons and their big money, ruthless progressive backers have treated Trump rather gently through the primary process. I’m sure in his mind, he feels that he’s been a part of their team and hob-knobbed with them all so long, that they will continue their friendly alliance.

The man who fell into wailing fits and all night Twitter rants because he felt he wasn’t being treated fairly by the GOP and media will not be prepared to handle what the Clinton cabal is about to pour out.

And I will watch his mental breakdown with sadistic pleasure.



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