John Boehner's Attack on Ted Cruz Upsets Satanists


Upset over John Boehner’s recent comparison of Senator Ted Cruz to “Lucifer,” Satanists felt the need to speak out.

“’Having a conservative Christian likened to Lucifer — one who opposes equal rights for same sex couples and promotes the ability to deny services to any with different values — we Satanists see as besmirching the positive, heroic aspects of that character as portrayed by Milton in his epic ‘Paradise Lost,'” Magus Peter Howard Gilmore, the high priest of The Church of Satan, said in a statement.”

While their statement of where Cruz stands on issues was more overly dramatized, liberal Pablum, it’s rather amusing to know that Boehner’s statement upset them so.

Boehner made the statements last week, calling Cruz “…Lucifer in the flesh,” as well as stating, “…I have never worked with a more miserable son of a b*tch.”

Boehner went on to tout his friendship with Donald Trump. The revelation of that relationship should make his detestable manners less surprising.

He’s a Trumpidian sleaze. They’re not exactly the most decent or rational individuals. Look at Ann Coulter.

This is also the same John Boehner who so enraged conservatives by his acquiescence to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama, while serving as House Speaker. He never met a Democrat he didn’t like, or referred to as “Lucifer,” apparently.

That his comments have raised the ire of Satanists does serve a purpose, however.

While Gilmore, the high priest, said that Satanists have not expressed any “collective support for any specific politicians,” Greaves said Satanists do not “want” Cruz and that he “is everything opposite of what we represent.”

That sounds like another endorsement for Cruz, to me.

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