Ted Cruz As Supreme Court Justice?

Now, there’s a thought!

It’s actually not a new idea, as it has been floated by others before.

If Senator Ted Cruz does not end up as our GOP nominee for the presidency, he would be an amazing fit for the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.


This is the idea floated recently by House Majority Whip, Representative Steve Scalise.

Scalise appeared on Fox Business Network earlier, and in an interview with Maria Bartiromo commented:

 “Look, if he’s not our nominee I think he would be a great replacement for Scalia. There’s a role for him either way whether he’s the nominee, but at the end of the day he and Donald Trump have to come together for the good of the country because that’s the only way we’re going to beat Hillary Clinton and I do feel confident that it’s going to happen.”

At this time, the race for POTUS is still very much a 2-man race between Senator Cruz and Donald Trump, but should neither get the required 1,237 delegates, anything could happen.

If that “anything” means someone other than Cruz gets the nomination, Cruz and his vaunted grasp of our Constitution would be just the kind of Justice our nation so desperately requires.


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