Hillary Clinton Attempts to Score "Cool" Points By Exploiting Pop Star's Death

ALERT: Pander Bear located on the campaign trail, in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. If seen, do not attempt to apprehend, as the FBI are already in pursuit. Simply keep your distance and vote against in the November 2016 general election.


In what may go down as one of the more excruciatingly obvious examples of pandering to the public, felon-in-waiting, Hillary Clinton, leapt at the chance to ride the wave of shock and sympathy for pop icon, Prince, who passed away on Thursday.

Clinton chose to walk out to Prince’s 1984 hit, “Let’s Go Crazy,” because, I’m completely sure that that was one of her all-time favorite Prince songs.

From The Hill:

“You think of him as being almost eternal,” she told Philadelphia radio station WDAS-FM. “I mean, he was a bigger-than-life personality. He was not only a songwriter and a singer but literally a one-man band. He was such a great showman. I just was so, so sad.”

“I just want everybody to spend some time reflecting on this American original,” she added. “He was so extraordinary.”

Nothing vague or generic there.

This tweet sums it up, perfectly.


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