OOPS! Trump Finances Much Less Than What He Claims

OOPS! Trump Finances Much Less Than What He Claims
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Let’s begin this piece with the understanding that Donald J. Trump is the Ronald McDonald of the business world. He’s a face. A brand.

He’s the grand charlatan of public relations and he’s moved his shtick into the political realm, selling snake oil to the low info crowd. Even if he doesn’t win the presidency, he’s pushed his brand, upped his profile, and has enough footage of goofy, reprobate citizens doing and saying idiotic stuff in his name that in syndication alone, the reality TV royalties will rake in a tidy sum.

The gilded toad has crafted his image around this notion of wealth being the equivalent of intelligence and breeding. His Branch Trumpidian cultists are quick to tell you what a successful businessman he is. He’s quick to tell you how rich he is.

Trump has repeatedly claimed his net worth to be at $10 billion, losing it with anyone who says otherwise. Reports of an upcoming article may put him in a state of catatonia. From Vanity Fair:

The Donald’s head might just explode, then, when he sees the May 1 cover story in Fortune magazine. According to the New York Post, the upcoming feature pins Trump’s net worth at $3.72 billion, a quarter of the $10 billion he has boasted. It’s even below Forbes’s previous estimate of $4.5 billion, a figure that caused Trump to fly off the handle. “All I can say is Forbes is a bankrupt magazine, doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” he said.

We have to admit, $3.72 billion is impressive, but it becomes less so when you consider the over-the-top rhetoric about his money Trump has pushed through his campaign.

The facts are, that sum would leave him languishing near the bottom of Forbes’ list of 400 Wealthiest Americans.

If he finds the upcoming Fortune article distasteful and off base, he could always quiet the nay-sayers by releasing his tax records.

We’re waiting.

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