Donald Trump Belittles The Memory of Pearl Harbor

Donald Trump Belittles The Memory of Pearl Harbor
Caricature by DonkeyHotey

At this point, can we say that Donald Trump is desperately trying to throw this election, but his pride won’t allow him to fully commit to stepping away?

At a stop in Buffalo, NY on Monday, the toad cemented his status as lead buffoon in the race and national embarrassment, with an astoundingly stupid and callous statement:

“This is the worst hit that our country has ever taken. Worse even than Pearl Harbor, because when they attacked Pearl Harbor, at least it was military. This was civilians. These were great people.”

We’re going to put aside the fact that the man’s grammar and diction are only slightly better than Pig Latin.

He was, obviously, talking about the events of 9/11 (That’s 9/11, not 7/11). Nobody is disputing the nightmarish events of that day, but to suggest the death of 2,403 Americans – 2,335 military personnel and 68 civilians – was somehow less horrible is to spit on the memory of not just those killed that day, but also on the memory of those men in the armed forces who died on the battlefields of World War II.

Today, New York will vote. Let us all hope that in some dark recess of their conscience, a spark will have been lit, and they will realize just how disastrous a Trump presidency would be.

He is not a serious candidate. He doesn’t want it. Let us abide by his wishes and help him find his way out of this race.

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