Growing List of Progressive Bullies Boycott NC Over Bathroom Bill

Are we keeping up with the progressive bullies who’ve tried to force their twisted worldview on the great state of North Carolina?

To recap, in March the North Carolina legislature called an emergency session, in order to vote on House Bill 2. This bill was intended to block a Charlotte, NC bathroom ordinance that would have opened all Charlotte business and school bathrooms to all sexes, based on what gender they “felt” like, from day to day. It was ill-conceived, broadly worded, and would have exposed women and children to the whims of sex offenders. In fact, one of the key backers of the ordinance was a convicted child molester.

House Bill 2 passed, and was rushed to Governor Pat McCrory’s desk and signed into law.

Cue the outraged moans and cries of “Discrimination!” by the perpetually aggrieved left.

Along with these cries come the boycotts. To date, those who think North Carolina cares:

Bruce Springsteen


Deutsche Bank

Cyndi Lauper

Ringo Starr (He’s still alive?!)

Ani DiFranco

Mumford and Sons

And now, performance group, Cirque du Soleil has cancelled performances in the state.

All acts we won’t miss. I guess if it gets their names in the news again, any publicity is good publicity.

Further threats were made by the NBA, who threatened to pull plans for holding the 2017 All-Star game from North Carolina, in protest of the bill.

However, today NBA Commissioner Adam Silver stated:

“It would be easy to say we’re moving it. We feel there’s a constructive role for the league to play. If we announce we’re moving it now, what’s the incentive to change the law?”

A better question would be: What incentive is there for North Carolina to put the well-being of our women and children at risk, just so progressive bullies can “feel” good?

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