So What's The Base Price For a Fox News Lackey?

Of all the loathsome Trump troglodytes at Fox News, Judge Jeanine Pirro often is the most shrill and sickening voice.

That’s saying a lot from a network that features such shameless boot-licks as Eric Bolling and Sean Hannity.

Apparently, her loyalty is for sale.

Judge Jeanine was once married to a man named Al Pirro, a Westchester real estate lawyer, and one Trump kept on retainer.

When Judge Jeanine ran for Attorney General, Trump gave a generous $20,000 contribution to her campaign fund.

So, it doesn’t matter that Trump is vile and dull witted, destructive and may have torpedoed the last chance to pull this nation back from the brink. He knows how to buy influence and “grease the wheels.”

He’s certainly paid well for Judge Jeanine to betray the well-being of our nation.


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